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Boian Books is inspired by creative but shy writers who hide deep in the Ozark Mountains - authors who would rather write than publish, write than sell, write than socialize. Their stories and observations are shared now because Boian Books is gently but firmly tugging manuscripts and photo essays out of their ragged notebooks and putting them in print.

House of Love

House of Love

When Yankees arrive in the Ozarks to make a fortune by improving the lives of those who don't believe their lives need improvement, sparks ignite.

As if they didn't have their hands full with their own love-lives and survival, the Lupers of Scrub Holler know they must prevent the invasion of a tourist train to transport thousands of outsiders through their land on the way to Eureka Springs. But the Fatches, who live on the Ridge, are in favor of a train that will them bring prosperity at someone else's sacrifice.

With many devout although irreverent hill people, it is of the utmost importance to stay out of Scary Hell. Of course, the only way to do that is through Preacher Kneil at the House of Love, where everyone puts aside their differences on Sunday morning until they don't, and that's when the House of Love erupts into chaos and calamity.

House of Love is a mountain of satire, wisdom and hilarity.

About the Author: Lanny Gibson is author of Scrub Holler and Scrub Holler Revisited, stirring stories of adventure and comedy in the Ozark Mountains, and Homeless Willy, a children's book. He and his wife, Derlyne, who co-wrote (with Petrus Lai Nguyen) A Long Hard Road to Freedom, live in Carroll County, Arkansas. Derlyne also illustrated House of Love.

$12.99 + $4 S/H.

Murder in the Ozarks

Murder in the Ozarks

Murder in the Ozarks Special Web Site
Sent to the Ozarks on a routine assignment, depressed and disillusioned accountant Andy Bosher is thrust into a dangerous confrontation with lies, secrets and murder. Can he learn to understand the backwoods culture around him fast enough to survive and find the truth?

Novel by Steve Weems. Published December 2010.


A Fame Not Easily Forgotten

Boomtowns of the 1880s were notorious for attracting healthy people bent on building a reputation and making a fortune. Eureka Springs, Arkansas, was entirely different, populated heavily and instantly by those suffering from illnesses assumed to be incurable.

Ailing people gathered around springs that gushed water so pure and charged with vitality, their pains and diseases simply vanished after they drank or bathed in it.

June Westphal and Catharine Osterhage spent four years uncovering obscure accounts and rare photographs of early life in the Town That Water Built. This Second Edition of A Fame Not Easily Forgotten is published in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the resplendent Eureka Springs Carnegie Public Library.

For more information, please click here for an article in the Lovely County Citizen about our release!

Hardback- $20.00 each, plus $5 s/h. Gift wrapped for $2 extra.

Paperback- $10.00 each, plus $4 s/h. Gift wrapped for $2 extra.

Herbal Pearls

Herbal Pearls

In ancient China, people observed that when certain plants were consumed, disease was reduced or dispelled. These herbs evolved to become medicines, so it was essential that information passed through the generations was accurate.

Herbalists and monks were primary medical practitioners in Chinese tradition, but they were not without their own greed and corruption. Peasants, therefore, devised historical and mythical tales to help common people remember names, uses, physical descriptions and locations of herbs. These orally transmitted tales were threaded with entertaining plots, scenic descriptions and gripping tension.

From 1934 to 1980, folklorist Miao Wen-wei collected these stories from peasants, farmers and traditional doctors in the central coastal region of China's Jiangsu, Anhui, and Zhejiang provinces. Herbal Pearls is a rare gem of fifty-three simple tales that convey justice, wisdom, moderation, cleverness and resourcefulness by use of memory aids and mnemonic clues. These stories are short and without complexities, and have a stirring charm and vibrant character that apply to life and health even in the age of electronic transmission.

$19.95 each, plus $4 s/h. Gift wrapped for $2 extra.

Letters from the Pen

Book Cover - Letter from the Pen

Letters from the Pen allows us to peek into the independent nation of federal prison. Dale McCurry spent five years in prison retaining his sanity by letting his pen do his talking. His evocative account of what happens when a good man does a bad thing, but is still good to the core, is funny, inspiring, tragic and heavy.  And good to the core.

$14.95 each, plus $4 s/h. Gift wrapped for $2 extra.

Dissipated Assets

Book Cover - Dissipated Assets

Dissipated Assets indulges poetry lovers by selecting precise words that separate the ordinary from the super; proper, tight, unorthodox writing that defines souls by barreling through hearts and brains. David Zimmermann's poetry shreds the meek and rebuilds them into men in touch with their tender battles.

$14.95 each, plus $4 s/h. Gift wrapped for $2 extra.

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