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Boian Books is inspired by creative but shy writers who hide deep in the Ozark Mountains - authors who would rather write than publish, write than sell, write than socialize. Their stories and observations are shared now because Boian Books is gently but firmly tugging manuscripts and photo essays out of their ragged notebooks and putting them in print.Letters from the Pen allows us to peek into the independent nation of federal prison. Dale McCurry spent five years in prison retaining his sanity by letting his pen do his talking. His evocative account of what happens when a good man does a bad thing, but is still good to the core, is funny, inspiring, tragic and heavy.  And good to the core.

Dissipated Assets indulges poetry lovers by selecting precise words that separate the ordinary from the super; proper, tight, unorthodox writing that defines souls by barreling through hearts and brains. David Zimmermann's poetry shreds the meek and rebuilds them into men in touch with their tender battles.

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Both books are available at Boian Books, Eureka Thyme and Sow's Ear in Carroll County, Arkansas.